New wader book cover

An inspirational collective noun What do ‘pulsating jellyfish’ and ‘murmurations’ have in common?  They are both descriptions for the awe-inspiring spectacle that is a huge flock of birds swirling and twisting in the air. The ‘murmuration’ collective noun describes the perfect aerial synchrony of huge European starling flocks that gather every year in the skies

A blood-boiling chronicle of illegal logging

Intigenous people walk through mud at a logging dump in PNG

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Jungle Jive’ by John Halkett, Connor Court Publishing Murder and corruption are frequent bedfellows of the illegal trade in tropical timber. But by far the biggest threat to global rainforest survival is the international palm oil industry. In his recently released and curiously titled book Jungle Jive, Sydney-based forestry consultant and wood industry