View from bird hide across grass-clogged Abattoir Swamp
If you like watching grass grow, Abattoir Swamp is the place. Photo: ©Tony Neilson

Abattoir bird hide view butchered

When we chose the hide at Abattoir Swamp near Julatten in Far North Queensland as our ‘worst bird hide ever’, it is fair to say we copped a bit of stick.

Nobody expressed their views through this website but we got the message by various other means.

‘The whole place has just had a facelift and it’s looking lovely now. So why would you want to knock it?’ is representative of the comments.

So we went back to take some pictures of the improvements. No question, the raised ‘boardwalk’ (with some sort of plastic composite on top) is looking good (and safe), and the hide itself it sporting a fresh coat of green.

Exterior of green-painted Abattoir Swamp bird hide
The hide and access walkway have been beautifully restored. Photo: ©Tony Neilson

Wonderful! Except, as our image (above) shows, when you look through the viewing slits, all you can see of the ‘swamp’ is an impenetrable mass of grass – olive hymenachne to be precise.

Maybe there is a cunning plan to get rid of the stuff but as things stand, Abattoir Swamp remains a damp squib in our eyes.

How to enter our ‘blind tasting’ competition

Bird hides come in all shapes, sizes and states of usefulness. If you are any kind of birder or photographer, you have been in more than a few.

So we thought it a good idea to ask you to tell us about your best and worst hide experiences – from anywhere around the world. Supporting pics are welcomed.

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  • Keith & Lindsay Fisher February 9, 2017 at 3:56 PM Reply

    There are things happening regarding Abattoir Swamp. Hopefully some funding for a consultants report through the Mitchell River Catchment Group so there is a future plan and more funding can be sought.

    • Tony Neilson February 15, 2017 at 10:32 AM Reply

      Thank you both for the update – it is such a lovely hide and a real shame the grass has taken over.

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