Miranda Wetland manager Keith Woodley portrait
Keith Woodley – part of the Kiwi contingent with entree to North Korea. Photo: ©Tony Neilson

Keith Woodley is one of very few foreigners to have been beyond the barriers to North Korea to see what’s happening with their wading birds.

For that alone, the New Zealander is a deserving new member of the Natural Images Conservation Champions Club.

We interviewed the tall, be-whiskered manager of the Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre near Auckland about his trips to the DPRK in search of some of the world’s missing waders.

He also loosened up about his involvement in unravelling the mysteries of the East Asian-Australasian wader flyway, corrupt developers and politicians in South Korea, his outstanding Godwits – Long-haul Champions book, and a few other surprising things.

The interview – including rare images from North Korea – will be posted in two parts, starting before our April e-news is due. So keep checking the website.


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