Male sunbird on a branch singing
Male olive-backed sunbird – almost a ‘birdie’. Photo: ©Tony Neilson

The ‘eureka’ moment that wasn’t

When a bird lands on your head in the middle of a round of golf, it should count for something, right?

Not in the tough school of grizzled old guys I knock around with.

There I was, standing patiently on the fourth green of my home course, holding the flag while the others putted out. (Yes, it can take a while.) 

It was early morning and the shadows were long, so it was easy to see the silhouette of a small bird hovering above me. I knew it was an olive-backed sunbird because they were nesting in the general vicinity.

With the delicacy of a butterfly, the little creature settled on my garishly red hat, and I felt more than a little pleased with myself: a ‘birdie’ at last!

Knowing that many birds see violet, blue, red and green, it seemed logical that the sunbird had mistaken my ‘titfer’ for a big red flower with nectar-bearing potential.

Alas, it and its mate are well known frequenters of that part of the course and apparently make a habit of perching on steering wheels, golf club covers, sand buckets and hats of all shapes and shades.

Nice experience though.

(Note: ‘Titfer’ is Cockney rhyming slang: titfer-tat – hat)

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