Building glad in bird-friendly glass

But the astronomical carnage continues There is only one thing more deadly to birds than buildings – cats! Research by the Green Building Alliance (GBA), a US-based group of architects, engineers and designers of environmentally sustainable projects, says cats are the only things that kill more birds than building collisions. The group reckons power lines


View along timbered skywalk through forest canopy

High fives for new canopy walk There’s a new treetop walkway attracting a lot of attention in Britain – not least for its beauty and sustainable design. The Stihl Treetop Walkway at the Westonbirt National Arboretum in Gloucestershire takes visitors through the canopy of one of the finest tree collections in the world. It is

Timber cracks glass ceiling

open plan office area with curved timber ceiling

Malaysian fire department chooses wood  A supreme irony and a milestone in sustainable construction wrapped into one. That’s the background to a story unfolding in Malaysia. Peninsula Malaysia is hugely endowed with natural forest, most of it in gazetted reserves, with small areas selectively harvested under the watchful eye of international forest certification regulators. (Sadly,