Bird researchers with telescopes on Roebuck Bay

Migrating waders flocking to West Australia’s Roebuck Bay In the increasingly perilous world of the migratory wading bird, Roebuck Bay on Western Australia’s Kimberly Coast stands out as a rare beacon of hope. With shorebird numbers in free-fall across the planet, it is something of a miracle that at Roebuck Bay, just south of Broome,

Shorebirds on a wing and a prayer

Huge flock of sand plovers take to the sky from roosting beach

Waders battle the twin jaws of change BY TONY NEILSON. I’m alone on a beach in Western Australian with several thousand plump and beautifully marked wading birds. Soon they will leave to breed in the Arctic, but there are increasing perils along the way. The assembled knots, curlews, godwits, sandpipers, sand plovers etc. are ready to begin