Skulls of dead cows
The bones of the Lexar professional CF card lie bleaching in the sun. Photo: ©Tony Neilson

Another unfulfilled ‘promise’ to consumers

A note of advice for photographers and others who use high speed digital storage cards – think twice before buying Lexar!

As I recently discovered at considerable cost and frustration, the Lexar brand ‘died’ in mid-2017 when its parent company Micron decided to exit the flash memory market.

Basically, Lexar’s consumer-facing business in high-performance memory cards, USB flash drives, card readers and other storage drives was considered insignificant alongside Micron’s other revenue streams.

Micron did ‘promise’ to continue customer support during a transition period, but it clearly didn’t extend to April 2019, when I needed their help.

Corrupted RAW files

I found all this out while trying to recover nearly 400 corrupted RAW images from an expensive Lexar Professional 1066x 32GB CF card.

Apart from the snappy 160 MB/s load speed offered, the purchase clincher (away from my preferred SanDisk brand) was complimentary access to Lexar’s Image Rescue5 software.

But that promise was also hollow. Repeated requests for information through the Lexar website’s HELP desk were met with the same chilling response: ‘That product is no longer supported’.

Lexar memory card packet
Lexar cards are still around but check guarantees carefully before buying.

Data recovery

But when one door closes, another often opens and I eventually found an excellent data recovery product to clean up the Lexar mess, and lower my blood pressure at the same time. It’s not free, but Stellar data recovery is easy to use and does a great job of restoring those scarily scrambled images.

Out of the blue (and after I’d purchased the Stellar product), I received an email from an electronics company in Shenzhen, China, apologising for any inconvenience re the Lexar support and offering a free download of ImageRescue5 software.

The brand is obviously still available, but I would recommend a healthy dose of caveat emptor.

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