New Zealand tui on flax flowers
Tui feeding on flax flowers, Tiritiri Matangi

This Christmas greeting is intended for all friends and Natural Images followers, and the picture was chosen as a reminder of nature’s special powers.

A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to spend a day on the island bird sanctuary of Tiritiri Matangi, just out from Auckland. And what made it extra special was the reaction of my companion: a man I had only met twice before; a man being treated for brain cancer.

The bush-covered island is predator-free, and the many examples of native New Zealand bird species that abound there are almost uniquely approachable.

For my friend, it was a ‘rejuvenating’ experience: “The best day I have had for a very long time.”

Maybe Albert Einstein was right when he said, “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”

Let’s hope nature as we know it is around long enough for even the next generation to fully enjoy. According to a just-released University of Queensland study, if wilderness degradation continues at the present rate it will all be gone in 50 years.

Christmas best wishes and good health in the New Year to you all.


(Image: The perfect symbiosis – New Zealand tui with a head full of flax pollen to disperse. ©Tony Neilson.)


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