• Huge flock of wading birds - ©Tony Neilson
  • The elegant and beautifully marked red-necked avocet -©Tony Neilson
  • Australian pelicans in formation-©Tony Neilson
  • Abstracted image of black-tailed godwits in flight - ©Tony Neilson
  • Powerful fliers like these bar-tailed godwits travel huge distances, nonstop - ©Tony Neilson
  • The slow-moving stork seemed an easy target - ©Tony Neilson

Freedom of the skies

Sitting quietly on a shorebird roosting beach watching a great flock swirling above before joining you is the difference between living and existence.

It certainly is to me.

Sometimes, I am so engrossed in the majesty of the aerial ballet and the skill with which the tightly packed birds avoid collision, yet land so gracefully, I forget to raise the camera.

And as the ever-watchful raptors glide closer, the roosting birds will repeat the same cycle: brief rest, an audible buzzing nervousness, heads turned to the best escape route and a sudden mass departure.

Going up, staying there or coming down, there can be few more wonderful sights than birds in flight.

Tony Neilson – conservation photographer

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