• Strong winds and intensive farming influence the landscapes of New Zealand's southern coastlines - ©Tony Neilson
  • Exceptional low tides create striking patterns in the sand flats near port Douglas, Australia - ©Tony Neilson
  • The Tongariro Alpine Crossing - one of the world's best one-day walks - ©Tony Neilson
  • The phenomenon that is the 'dry forest' of the Galapagos Archipelago - ©Tony Neilson
  • Sentinels to once unrestricted logging - ©Tony Neilson
  • Dusk light reveals turtle nests on a Galapagos Archipelago beach - ©Tony Neilson

Reflecting our focus

The category for this portfolio of images reflects our outdoor-focused, story-telling style.

Pleasing shapes created by an out-going tide on a tropical Australian sand flat caught our eye. As did the poignance of a slowly decaying stump in an old growth forest reserve in Australia’s south-east. (Some 80% of the original trees have been logged.)

The light is the thing on the ecologically fragile Tongariro crossing in New Zealand – one of the world’s best one-day walks. And the colours of the flock of red knots at Miranda just south of Auckland were similarly remarkable.

The dry forest

Those fortunate enough to have been to the Galapagos islands will be familiar with the phenomenon of the ‘dry forest’. Although uniquely adapted to extreme seasonal drought, they are seriously threatened by human and other environmental factors.

Another evocative image from the archipelago is of a  turtle nesting beach at dusk – no turtles in sight but their nest indentations are plainly visible.

The power of nature is captured by a storm-battered but stubbornly resilient copse of trees on pleasingly lit farmland in the very south-east of New Zealand.


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